Low volatile non-volatile protein dye with fruity scent of coconut. Grain proteins protect your hair and prevent it from burning. In case of direct application there are no skin burners due to low ammonia content. Non-volatile heavy dust avoids possible irritation to the operative and user’s nostrils. The special coconut essence allows the product even after mixing to have a pleasant scent, perfume that remains on both the hair and the working environment. The blue color of the dust is anti-yellow. Lightening power: 5 tones in just 15 minutes. Suitable for all modern techniques of mèches.

way of use: The product can be used to make mèches, foam or headphones, or for total decoloration. Mixing 1 + 2 with oxygen 20 – 30 – 40 vol.

Package: 1 kg bag.



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